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Don Marcos

Don Marcos Brine-O-Magic - PIG

Don Marcos Brine-O-Magic - PIG

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Product description

Don Marco's Pig Brine-O-Magic 600 g can

By soaking in brine, you can achieve juicy and aromatic grilling results, even with lean meat. The Brine-O-Magic seasoning mixes are perfectly matched to the respective types of meat and cause the aromas to penetrate deep directly into the cells of the meat. Osmosis locks the spices and water in the food to be grilled, so that the meat is prevented from drying out during later cooking.

The longer cooking times allow the meat to absorb the smoke flavor more intensively. Enjoy uniquely juicy smoked goods or roasts from the grill.

Seasoning mix for pickling brine

To mix a brine, use 100 g of the mixture in 1 liter of water. Juices, beer, rum or wine are of course also possible. Here it is best to replace parts of the water with the other liquids. Then stir the liquid mixture until the salt and sugar components have dissolved. The meat can now be placed in the brine and left to cool. It is practical to use sealable bags here. The duration of the pickling depends on the thickness of the meat and is about 2 hours per centimeter. After pickling, the meat is dabbed dry and seasoned as usual and then grilled or smoked.

Technical specifications

Item number: 106-002
Manufacturer: BBQ KING Company Ltd
Details: Vegetarian, vegan


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