payment and shipping

payment and shipping

The following conditions apply:

Delivery is only domestic (Germany).

Shipping (including statutory VAT)

We do not charge shipping costs.
Excluded from this is freight forwarding goods.

If you buy parcel goods together with freight forwarding goods, only the freight forwarding for bulky goods will be charged.

When shipping bulky goods (forwarding shipping), we charge as follows:
Shipping 31.6kg–50kg €90.00
Shipping 50.1kg–100kg €105.00
Shipping 100.1kg–150kg €115.00
Shipping 150.1kg–200kg €130.00
Shipping 200.1kg–300kg €160.00
Shipping 300.1kg–400kg €190.00
Shipping 400.1kg–500kg €220.00
Shipping 500.1kg–600kg €250.00
Shipping 600.1kg–700kg €270.00
Shipping 700.1kg–800kg €300.00
Shipping 800.1kg–900kg €330.00

Shipping 900.1kg–1000kg €360.00
Shipping 1000.1kg–1250kg €410.00
Shipping 1250.1kg–1500kg €465.00
Shipping 1500.1kg–1750kg €525.00
Shipping 1750.1kg–2000kg €590.00
Forwarding from 2000.1kg € 690.00

Bulky goods are marked as such in the article description.

delivery times

Unless a different period is specified in the respective offer, the goods are delivered domestically (Germany) within 5 - 7 days after the conclusion of the contract (if advance payment has been agreed, after the date of your payment instruction).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and public holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made any other agreements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you have ordered.

Accepted payment options

- Payment by credit card
- Payment by PayPal
- Payment via PayPal Express
- Payment by immediate transfer (via Klarna)
- Payment by invoice (via Klarna)
- Payment by installment purchase (via Klarna)
- Payment by direct debit (via Klarna)
- Payment by credit card (via Klarna)
- Payment via Google Pay
- Payment via Apple Pay - eps transfer, Ideal, Bancontact, Shop Pay

More payment details

When paying by credit card, your credit card account will be debited upon conclusion of the contract.

If you have any questions, you will find our contact details in the imprint.